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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm bummed....picked up a pocket schedule

for 2008 the other day and read it. yes I know the on-line version has been up forever but having the pocket sked it my hands made me look over the schedule really for the first time.
No weekday games at ALL except for Memorial Day and a camp day in May and July? I can't understand why the April 9th and April 23nd both getaway days weren't day games like prior years? May 1st could be a day game also but it's a stuffed Thursday so...
Don't get me wrong I'm happy about season long 6:35 night starts and 1:05 Sunday starts but I really liked those early season game days and the attendance difference that early in the season isn't that big a deal.
Bowie and Reading make their only Dodd appearances in April and Erie and Akron show up for their only appearance the very last homestand. Always feel shortchanged with the Southern Division teams.


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

I believe I bitched about the schedule back in Sept 07. Still maintain, except for Fridays, every game in April should be a day game. Another quirk, the two or three Saturday day games are 2:PM starts. That'll make my better half happy!

As much as the scheduled visitations for the Southern teams is awful, having the Bingo Mets in for 3 series out of 4 is worse. The person in the EL office who makes up the schedule has to be demented.

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