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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Thirsty Thursdays" return!!!!!

I know one happy fan.....from the Def's website:

Mark your calendars
Connecticut Defenders

Planning that beloved family vacation during the winter months provides warm thoughts during the cold. Well, that planning just got a little warmer and a lot cheaper. The Connecticut Defenders have announced their 2008 Promotional Highlights.
"We continue to strive to add value for our fans so it's not just about baseball," said Defenders General Manager, Charlie Dowd. "Our staff has been working hard all off-season to help make Dodd Stadium the place to be this spring/summer".

For starters, the Defenders have provided a reason to come up to Dodd Stadium any day of the week. Even if you're not an avid baseball fan, it all begins on Thursday, April 3rd for Opening Day. The festivities include an Eastern Federal Bank Schedule Magnet Giveaway, Professional Speed Eater Ed "Cookie" Jarvis introducing the newly created All-You-Can-Eat package sponsored by Courant ValuMail, and a post-game fireworks display that is sure to send you home smiling. The season kicks-off with a bang, but the excitement level is sure to increase from there.

There are multiple giveaway dates in store for the 2008 season; some key ones are an AT&T Giants Calendar, Playstation Giants Cap, Dunkin Donuts Beach Towel, Putnam Bank Thunderstix, IMT Real Estate Solutions Judi McEwen Giant Foam Finger, Savings Institute Mike Lowell Bobblehead, Core Plus Federal Credit Union Tee Shirt, and Charter Oak Credit Union Pencil Case. A list of awesome promotions compliment the giveaways. Citizens National Bank Cash Giveaway will allow fans an opportunity to fill their pockets with some cold hard cash. Bernie's Father's Day Big Screen Dig provides adult males a chance for the ultimate prize, but they'll have to get dirty to claim it. Falvey's Fireworks Extravaganza in honor of 4th of July is sure to get the crowd going. Bob's Stores Special Olympic Day featuring The Famous King of Bling, Rally the mascot will entertain the fans with his flashy acts. Salute to the Military will honor our troops who defend our freedom. Big Y Apple Giveaway offers fans a delicious treat that will hopefully turn out to be a sweet winner. Napa 50" TV Giveaway will give one lucky fan a reason to make space in their living room. Dodd Stadium is a one-stop destination for fans of all ages and every day there's something special going on. Season long promotions are as follows:

 Mondays- $1 Hummel Hotdogs/MySpace Mondays (Friends of the Defenders receive discount)

 Tuesdays-2 for Tuesday (Buy one premium ticket, get one free)

 Wednesdays- Senior Citizen Days ($3 Tickets in any section)

 Thursdays- New for 2008, Courant ValuMail All-You-Can-Eat Package/Sam Adam's Pint Glass Giveaway (1st 500 adult fans 21 or older)

 Fridays-XtraMart FIREWORKS!!!

 Saturdays-Can't Beat Bernie's Saturdays (Guaranteed win night & if the Defenders lose you still win)/Budweiser Specials

 Sundays- Sundae/Fundae/Rundae (Kids 12 & under receive FREE ice cream and get to run the bases after the game)

For a listing of the entire 2008 Promotional Schedule in the works, visit the new Connecticut Defenders website at

The Defenders kick-off the 2008 season at Thomas J. Dodd Stadium on Thursday, April 3rd against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats at 6:35 p.m. For tickets or more information call the Defenders front office at (860) 887-7962 or at

This story was not subject to the approval of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues or its clubs.

A few different promos from LY; the Mike Lowell bobblehead promo will attract the eBayers and guaranteed win Saturdays are new.
Rally, the defunct New Haven Ravens mascot(?) returns. Rally was "adopted" by the team when the Ravens left New Haven to go to New Hampshire, giving the Norwich franchise three mascots (Cutter, Tater and Rally--has to be a record) but I don't think has ever appeared at a game.
And I'm sure the team will add diffferent promos thru the course of the season.


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

While I understand the need to get fannies in the seats, does it have to be at the expense of us few fans who just want to watch a ball game? How much Johnny Gill must we suffer through? Has anyone in this organization ever made an all out effort to sell season tickets? I mean a real all out, knock on doors, make phone calls effort? Think about it, with all these promo's, how the hell is the team expecting to make any money? Lou must be salivating, waiting on the next train out of Norwich.

6:45 PM

Blogger Doctor said...

Dude, are you serious? I'm not looking to flame anyone but did you notice the name of a sponser before each promotion? That's how they make money.

9:54 PM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

Yeah Doc, you're right, but would it too unreasonable to ask for one or two nights each month devoted to baseball only?

12:40 AM

Blogger LC said...

Most promotions have a minimal adverse impact on my enjoyment of the game, and in most cases they enhance it. What I don't like is when they have massive free ticket giveaways for a particular game. Can't get to the snack bar, can't get a good parking space, ect.

And I'll take Johnny Gill over the MC in New Britain dressed in a baseball uniform with dyed red hair. He's like 30...dude, have you no shame? Then some kid will have a ball with signatures like Trevor Pluffe and Drew Butera on it, and then THIS KID signs it. Man at least tell the kid he's better off not having your signature on it.

As far as winter season and package ticket sales. I think its dismal at best. You needs someone who A) believes in the product and B) knows how to close a sale. There is no reason why every business contacted can't be sold something.

The Defenders should follow the planet fitness model. Planet Fitness sells a boatload of memberships for ten bucks a month (15 now I think) knowing the cheap price will sucker people in, and a lot of people won't even go to work out (but they don't cancel either because its so cheap).

Ultimately who cares if the people show as long as they paid for the product. If you do get them to show, thats extra consession revenue.

Bring this team to New Haven I'd sell the shit out of it.

2:05 AM

Blogger LC said...

make that "concession"

2:07 AM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...


the difference in our tolerance level for johnny gill is a dead give away for our respective difference in age!

7:50 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

I know this is an apples/orange comparison but has anyone been to a Suns game? It's like a basketball game breaks into a live DJ/carnival show with the sound system turned up to "11." I actually turned down free tickets last season because I came home with a headache the game before. Guess I'm showing my age also.

10:09 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Of course if it's the E Street band turned up to "11" that's just fine because I expect/want that.

10:11 AM

Blogger LC said...

Hondo, I'm thinking why not troll the nightclubs and get some young hottie to host the promos? Sex sells. She'd come out, the guys would go crazy, and everyone would be happy.

Of course she'd probably find the player who got the biggest bonus and get knocked up, but Charlie could cross that bridge when he came to it.

Justin Timberlake is going to play a milb'er in a flick ready to start production btw. Astros AA.
Off to Senior night at Storrs tonight for the girls. got scalped for 220/pr, can you believe it?

6:11 AM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

$220.00 per! I'll suffer through all the fund raising one has to bear on CPTV. In accepting her plaque, I wonder if Charde will commit a turnover. Can you imagine how much deeper this team could have been if Houston had really panned out and Hunter had 2 good knees? Charde still has time to do it though.

If the Def's bring some young thing in, do you realize how many of us old "has beens" would have cardiac arrest? They would have to back the ambulances up. But we'd go with a smile on our face. Screw it, Def's....go for it!

2:48 PM

Blogger Doctor said...

Good point all around. Almost all the EL teams I know have had or use a male MC. It's basically the nature of front offices in minor league baseball, and they'll always use a fulltime employee because they know the details (sponsors, promotions, etc.) and will have their interest in mind - as opposed to a part-timer who may not think twice about, either on purpose or accidentally, slighting a sponsor. Huge no-no. That said, many teams, most notably Erie, have use Diamond girls or young female interns. Very effective.

9:45 PM

Blogger LC said...

sorry hondo it was 220/pair. Still steep.

Houston got the start + minutes for sr. night & Played ok. She provides some depth if nothing else. The back of the program had a nice poster/picture of the four sr's in street clothes. It is a really nice shot.

Should mention one of the defenders employees also does the uconn games. He was kind enough to have Chris Daley talk to my grandma for a while. Got a nice picture of Daley and my grandma together too. Chris told my grandma to remind her when her when her 100th rolls around and she'll get her another ball. She was really nice and I feel pretty lucky that through all the great people at UCONN I was able to do this for her. Greg, Chris said she has Bruce tickets and she may or may not go. She's from Jersey so I asked her :)

Can't say enough good things about the people at UCONN. Barring any unforseen circumstances they'll be a powerhouse for the next several years.

9:42 AM

Blogger LC said...

Greg I got my head up my arse so when I first read your post I was thinking Pheonix Suns.....

I don't mind the Suns pomp and circumstance, and I like all kinds of music so I was cool with the tunes/volume. The coupon dropping blimp is neat (although its all fun and games until someone loses an eye). I do see the kids having a lot of fun (and often decked out in suns gear), and thats important. The casino can afford to support this team and fill the arena with comps- so its here to stay.

9:53 AM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...


You lucky guy. I would "kill" to meet CD and perish the thought, maybe dinner too!

9:58 AM

Blogger LC said...

My grandma commented how pretty and meticulous Chris always looks and Cris laughed and said "you should see me before I get done up".

Another great time. I try to get her into as many cool situations as I can because my grandma and grandpa always lived a very frugal life (based upon their income and beliefs), so now I try to reward her with the rock star treatment :)

Any Defenders news or what? I noticed Garrett reported from camp on his blog.

1:02 PM


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