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Friday, March 14, 2008

20 days to go.......

as we recently found out Justin signed on with the A's during the off season. Here's a pic with a nice size crowd on hand.


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

GB reported in his blog today that the Giants sacked Darrin Sack. As Garrett wrote, he's likely headed for the Indies or retirement.

20 days! Got my heavy winter coat dry cleaned, new thermal socks, and a new pair of gloves. I'm ready for springtime at Dodd.

I caught Mike & the Mad Dog interview with SI's John Heyman today. His assessment of the Giants is they stink. What I took from it is another long season for the Defs.

7:00 PM

Blogger KRB said...

The Giants called up both G-Rod and Alfonzo past Justin and that is why he did not resign with them.
Now they have 2 potintial backup catchers that if not injured they are batting a wapping 090's in ST.
This will be an interesting position to watch this year. I would expect to see a lot of movement if things don't improve.

7:28 PM

Blogger greg8370 said...

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10:50 PM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Still Justin batted .288 ( 302 ABs) in 89 games last season in Fresno with 7 HRs and 42 RBIs. Who knows with this organization?
And I've yet to wear my heavy winter coat but I suspect that will change come April 3nd.

10:54 PM

Blogger LC said...

Garrett B. gets political? All I can say is that in my opinion, he is grossly uninformed.

On to baseball- Caught my first game today, Pirates split squad against the Reds. Cold for Fl. and a bit damp, but it was a great day. Looking forward to the Pirates/Red Sox on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get to see Buchholz or Bowden.

1:00 AM


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