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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Alternate jerseys this year.....

Joe Perez writes in today's Bulletin:
"A favorite that was a big hit with fans was when the team donned alternate jerseys. According to Dowd, there are five scheduled uniform changes this season with some being auctioned away: Mother’s Day, Juneteenth, Military, a Puerto Rico-inspired jersey to honor Roberto Clemente and an Autism Awareness jersey."

I'm a sucker for these things. Usually I've taken so many player pictures by the time these promos start to pop I'm grateful for a new look. Also these usually support a good cause when auctioned off. A note for the folks in the front office to split the Mothers Day pink unis auction between two days; Saturday and Sunday, since some of us want to be with Mom on Sunday and had no chance last year at winning a two day silent auction.
Real curious to see what the Autism jerseys look like. As a NASCAR fan I've seen some real interesting paint schemes supporting this. Hope they come up with a different Juneteenth jersey this year. A bunch of those are still on sale in Cutter's Corner. Another suggestion is for the team to wear the blue "CD" practice tops as they did in several '06 games. I own the pictured jersey worn by Oscar Montero shown above.
I have a modest collection of Navigators and Defenders jerseys and a goal of mine is to pull them out of the closet this season and wear them all to a least one game. The Chris Curry black mesh "Gators" jersey was one of my many layers Thursday night and remains my favorite mostly for the type of player he was. Steve Holm, who got in his first MLBB game yesterday (0 for 1), is in the same mold: blue collar, no nonsense, shakes your hand and looks you in the eye kind of guy.


Blogger VonSchell28 said...

The only Jersey I have is the blue one like you have of Tylers. I wanted Garrett Broshuis' pink one but I'm broke.

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