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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Check out today's Bulletin for some nice photos

of last night's game taken by Tali Greener. Click "photo gallery" to view. Another nice source of pics can be found at "SJ Giants Fans." Click the link on the right under baseball blogs.
Check out Tom Clifton's pics.


Blogger Tom said...


Thanks for the link!

I was wondering what your policy on sharing photos was. You have some nice shots and I was wondering if I could use them occasionally on SJ Giants Fans.

I would provide credit and a link back to the photo.

You are welcome to use any of my "sjgiants" tagged photos on flickr with credit and a link back to the photo.

10:53 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

no problem; feel free to use them. Anyone you need? LMK

11:08 AM

Blogger Tom said...

I am really interested in any former SJ Giants. That said, I would like to see Sergio Romo, Ben Copeland, and Jason Waddell in a Defenders uniform.


10:26 PM


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