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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Defs lose 1-0 to the Reading Phillies, 5th loss in a row

Really I'd like to know how many games this franchise as a Giants farm team have lost by: (a) 1-0 and (b) by one run. You just get a sense sitting in the stands some nights that 1-0 will somehow stand up even in the fourth inning. After last night's long day's journey into night in Portland (I hear they got in around 4:30 this morning) they needed a strong starting performance from today's starter Joey Martinez. Martinez gave them six strong innings allowing an unearned run (E1) on five hits with 5 Ks. A Phillies double into the gap and a groundout put a runner on third with one out in the sixth. The Defs pulled the infield in and it paid off with a grounder to short and the runner holding at third. Next batter hits a slow runner down the first base line that Martinez fielded and his throw pulled TI off allowing the only run to score.
Defs had a chance in the 8th as Antoan Richardson was HBP, stole second and went to third on the catcher's throwing error into centerfield. With one out TI flied to shallow left center and Richardson was thrown out at home (another stat I'd like to know: # of Defs/Gators thrown out at home since 2003).
The Defs scratch out just three hits on the evening.

Misc fan notes: Plenty today:

1) The field looked really, really good. Guess the new sod took hold with a little sun and daytime warmth.
2.) The left center and right center field nights didn't come on causing a 45 minute delay until they finally got powered up. Def's front office does the class thing and comps tonight's crowd with free tickets for Friday's game.
3) Because the bullpen pitching staff is spent the Defs called up Daryl Maday from Augusta, ( I don't know if someone was sent up/down) who made his debut tonight. Maday pitched three innings giving up 3 hits and 3 walks and was bailed out by a Ben Copeland outfield assit at home.
4.) Liked Reading's unis; very Phil. Phillies circa 1980's.
5.) And last but not least Tony Scott, the Defs box office manager, last day will be Sunday April 20th. Tony's moving on to a job closer to home and in his prefered field with a major corporation. Tony always made time for Hondo and myself and he'll be missed. good Luck Tony!
Pics from top to bottom: Martinez, Maday, and Phillies uni


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

According to Perez, Trey Webb sent to extended spring training. I wonder if this is just a "paper move" to get an extra pitcher for last night?

I'm too ticked off to say much at the present, but problems with the lights twice is inexcusable. I don't know who's responsible for them...the city or the Def's,,,but someone should swing from the yardarm.

Free tix aren't the answer. Hell, from what I've heard over the course of time, 90% of the attendance is in in some type of freebie.

3:22 AM

Blogger LC said...

The Reading starting pitching staff is pretty darn good looking at the numbers. I didn't peruse the relievers.

I went to the Trenton - New Britain game yesterday afternoon, never made it to Norwich.

Sorry to hear Tony is splitting, he seems to have a great work ethic and I'm sure he will do great. Hopefully they promote from within. Coming form a municipal employment background, I'm a strong believer in that.

Thanks Tony for always being gracious to us fans.


7:07 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

I was thinking about Webb last night on the ride home wondering why he didn't get a chance to pitch in the Portland the other night. Turns out he was used as a pitch hitter in he ninth.

9:54 AM

Blogger KRB said...

We will never know how much momentum was lost with the delay.
If I remember right there was 1 on and Denker up when the delay occured. Who know what he would have done without the delay.
The D's hitting has gone flat and their situation bunting and baserunning is killing them.
The Manager is a smart dude and he is not affraid to mix it up. The players just need to execute.

12:44 PM


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