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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Defs win on road and beat the FisherCats for the

fourth time in as many games 4-2 tonight. Adam Witter hit his third homer of the year with TI (2 for 4 two runs scored) aboard in the first. Carlos Sosa (4 for 4) and Simon Klink add RBI each in the fifth as Steve Palazzolo gets the win in relief of Garrett Broshuis. Palazzolo, Justin Hedrick, Ryan Sadowski and Sergio Romo (save # 3) combined to shutout New Hamphire over the final 5.2 inning as Connecticut improves to 5-2 on the season. All of CT's runs came with two outs; nice to see. Meanwhile the batting averages for some Defs players are going south, south, south. Hope it's just the weather.
Pic is of Adam Witter from 4/5/08


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

Something is starting to worry me about the Def's... pitching. In two of the 3 games at Dodd last week, NH left 10 and 14 men on base and tonight the number was 12. A little clutch hitting by NH and the 5-2 record might be 2-5. Or are the Def pitchers better with men on base?

I'm having a real problem with Sam Palazzolo, specifically remembering his name. Can we call him Sam? Or maybe Sam Palooka? ( Joe's cousin) Palazzolo is too much for my feeble and aging brain to remember.

1:49 AM

Blogger LC said...

Just don't call him pakalolo, at least not in Hawaii anyway.

I recall a guy named Sam Perlozzo that used to play for the Twins. I saw his kid a few weeks ago in FL, he's an Orioles farmhand.

It was almost "warm" in NH for the Defenders win last night. Defenders are 5-2 with a team batting average of .179, team ERA is 1.38, second lowest in the EL behind the Sea Dogs.

The 3 teams with the lowest batting averages are in the EL North, as are the teams with the lowest ERA. Found that to be interesting.

I listened to most of the game but I must have missed Klink's stolen base. It ties him with his last years total. A reserve spot on the 2008 Summer Olympics 4X100M relay team can't be far away for the Klinkster.

Swarzak (NB) against Bowden in Portland Friday, should be a good matchup. I may listen in on a bit of that if I'm home as it starts 1/2 hour before the Defenders.

5:40 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Something I failed to mention was Witter's three passed ball last night; he now has 4 on the year. I know the scoring on those can be subjective at times but that's got to be a team record for a club that has never had a knuckleballer.
Those DP's did bail them out last night.
"Sam" it is.

9:02 AM


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