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Sunday, May 11, 2008

B-Mets edge Defs 2-1 this afternoon.....

as Connecticut could muster only a couple of hits. That's two hits each in the last two games. An Antoan Richardson walk, SB (one of three on the day for him), a groundout and a TI sac fly was the only offensive.
Adam Cowart takes the "L" and is now 2-2. Nate Bump makes his Connectict debut getting three outs in another quick one at Dodd.


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

Matt Stout covered the Defs game for the Bulletin yesterday and his write up included bemoaning the woeful offense and passing a lot of the blame on Dodd. I've been a staunch supporter of the stadium from day one, but now I'm beginning to wonder. So here's where I stand.

First, if you eliminate 4 games, this weekend and the two blowouts in Bingo last week, the splits look better. But they still favor the road.

Second, I've never heard anyone claim the background makes it hard for the batter to pick up the ball. If anyone can contradict this statement, I'd like to hear from you.

Third, look at the Defs at bats this weekend and explain how it's the stadium. Saturday night the 24 outs were 11 ground balls, 6 fly outs, and 7 K's. Sunday it was 13 ground balls, 9 fly outs, 2 infield pops and 3 K's. The fly balls and grounders were routine plays. It was like watching paint dry.

I understand the park is not a haven for home runs, but with its vast expanses, hitting for average shouldn't be the problem it is. Did anyone (fan or player) pay attention to Bowker and Velez last year?

So if there are no physical roadblocks to hitting at Dodd, then maybe it is mental. Try giving the starting team an hour of free two fer's before the game to get them relaxed. It would make the game more fun too!

I hope this weekend was an aberration. I wrote in a previous post, maybe the Bingo staff came in with an attitude after getting hammered last week.

The big losers this weekend were Dodd and the team owners. The offensive futility witnessed this weekend will certainly not encourage more fans to go to the games and justified or not, it won't slow down the stadium critics.

On another issue. EME didn't play yesterday, which wasn't a surprise, but not having him pinch hit for Klink in the 9th was. Has the annual May "owie" that's affected him previously made a reappearance?

1:03 PM

Blogger LC said...

I think the background has something to do with it. In NB the center field wall is high, and there is a lot of green portion before the display ads kick in..... Seems like there is a lot of hitting going on every time I go there.

Brooks got spanked in Fresno today, hopefully he turns it around.

UConn/QU played at Dodd today.

5:34 PM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

I think the field layout at NB has more to do with it. The OF fences go straight across from the foul lines and in Dodd the fences curve away making the outfield deeper. That probably helps make for more offense.

I'll have to check CF at NB when next I go there. I always thought both parks were similar. I still think it's more mental.

6:11 PM

Blogger greg8370 said...

They battered the Mets for 36 runs in a three-game series in Binghamton last weekend. But what looked like a sign of breaking out now just adds to the growing disparity between their home-and-road splits.

“I think sometimes it gets in their head, the field,” said Figueroa, whose team has oddly been better at home (11-7) than on the road (7-10). “When we go on the road, they swing the bat much better. But for some reason when we come here, they think too much about the field. I don’t know if they’re changing their approach to hitting or what. They don’t have the same swing that I see on the road.

“It is hard, man,” he continued. “When you score so many runs and you come here and you can’t swing the bat, you get frustrated. Everything works out when you’re on the road and you say, ‘OK, we’re going to hit now.’ And then you come here and we go back to the way we used to (hit).”

From today's Bulletin article that hondo mentioned.

10:22 PM


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