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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Defs slam B-Mets twice, win by a pair of TDs 19-5

as they score a couple of weeks worth of runs this afternoon. David Maroul (5 RBIs in the game) and Olmo Rossario both hit grand slams in the game, two of four homers hit by Connecticut today. TI (3-5 double, 3 RBIs) hit a two run job and Ben Copeland ( 4-6 2 doubles 3 RBIs) also went deep. Ti's second of the season and Copeland's first this season. Maroul's slam was his secomd homer in as many games.
Brad Boyer went 3 for 6, EME had a pair of doubles and Nestor Rojas gets his first Defs hit in his first EL start.
Dave MaKae (2-1) goes 5 IP for win giving up 7 hits ( 2 HRs) two runs and recording 4 stikeouts.
I wonder if the franchise has hit two grand slams in one game before?

Misc fan notes: I'm hearing from an informed source that Barry Gunther, who has been on the DL with Connecticut season long, will go to Fresno in light of the Todd Jennings injury in last night's Fresno game.


Blogger SAHM said...

Barry went to Fresno for a bit last year too. Just commenting - I personally like the guy, just that he wasn't the strongest SJ had last year in the catching department. Maybe with Barry moving up, Pablo [SJ] can then move up?

7:39 PM

Blogger LC said...

The kid played on 5 different teams last year. Pretty wild. All teams keep a catcher around like that, bouncing them on and off the phantom dl. For the Yanks it's Jason Brown, for the Pirates my boy Justin Elliot used to fill the role until the cut him this year. Nice kid.

Glad to see the Defenders stepped up and made good on my prediction. I dozed off when the defenders had 9 runs. I'd like to go to see the B Mets at home some day to see why the ball flies out of there so much. 20 hits for the D's, only 5 k's. Sweet.

Martinez goes sunday, 0-3 with a stingy 2.22 era. Hopefully everyone up there went to bed early, they cold probably get some good cuts against the youngster Ruckle.

Buller and Sadowski did their part in a losing effort in Fresno. Espinelli did ok also.

1:07 AM

Blogger VonSchell28 said...

Hey in GB's Blog, you'll read that Chris Begg is Rehabbing his shoulder. Thought I'd bring that up cause someone asked about him many posts back when we were figuring out where players were at the beginning of the season.

GB's new post is really worth ready. Pretty funny, even though its about injuries.

7:03 AM


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