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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Free Joe Perez's Norwich Bulletin blog!!! (Day 1)

Well folks today is Thursday May 1, 2008. Four weeks ago the Connecticut Defenders'
2008 baseball started. Joe Perez is the Norwich Bulletin's beat writer (print and blog) for the team. Joe was wrapping up his coverage (print and blog) of our beloved UCONN's women's basketball team when the Defs season started.
Click on the Bulletin's on line site today 4 weeks into the baseball season and try to find Joe's Defenders blog anywhere. You won't (the UCONN womens & mens basketball blogs are still up) and yet this is the team's "hometown" newspaper?
It is just unbelievable to me that this is allowed to happen. The only sane conclusion I can muster up is that the paper just doesn't care about the team.
And I know if I was in charge of something like this in my current business life and messed up this badly I'd have plenty of time to catch baseball games (got to work tonight folks) and sell stuff on eBay.

Here's some email address to use if you share this point of view and want to make it known:

Ellen Lind, President and Publisher
Cathleen Cline, Audience Development Director
James Konrad, Ex. Editor
Michael White, Director of Operations
Karen Norman, On line editor

I've already emailed this morning.


Greg Fogg


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