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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Old friends Darren Sack and Mike Vento...

are with the Camden RiverSharks of the indy Atlantic League. Sack (pictured) pitched here in Connecticut last season before being sent to SJ and then released in the off season. Mike Vento was a Norwich Navigator (Yankees, outfielder) in 2002 and made it to the bigs with both the Yanks and Nationals (pictured scoring at home with the Nats).
Interesting blog, "The Deep End," on the RiverSharks web where the front office folks will be posting thru out the season--give it a look, the link is on the right.
Have to work tonight and Sunday, weather is better, so come on out! NASCAR glasses!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys, you gotta go to is a feature article on the album of songs about life in the minors put out by wald and macmains....a couple of tracks are posted, and they are really funny

1:34 PM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

I received the CD for Xmas last year.

2:42 PM

Blogger VonSchell28 said...

Greg are you a member to because I can't be one cause I'm only 17 but I really wanna read that feature article of Connecticut Team Report - Is Dodd Bad For Baseball?

6:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


i dont get paying any blog a sub just to read another's opinions...same stuff can be read on mac sure someone over there has a sub and will post a summary of the article...the headline is a bit over the top...dodd is not bad for baseball, the question is, is dodd good for the development of giants pitching and hitting? although they arent having to much trouble today

8:15 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Wald and McMains, or Hawk and Stache, have another album out. It's good stuff!

12:52 PM


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