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Friday, May 23, 2008

Senators score 3 in 10th to win 5-2 tonight...

as Sergio Romo had nothing in the 10th and Connecticut losses the opener of a four game set against the leading team in the Southern Division of the EL. The Defs were headed towards a 2-0 shutout loss until the 7th when Adam Witter singled to left with one out and Jake Wald crushed one off the batter's eye in center for his second homer of the season and second in as many days.
The Defs wasted a chance in the bottom of the ninth to win it. With one out Witter singled off the first baseman (E-3 all the way) and Wald singled to put runners on first and second. Earlier in the season Bien would pinch run alot, I remember him putting catcher Dayton Buller in to pinch run and he scored the game winner in one contest. Why doesn't he pinch run Witter when Witter gets on board at first? Antoan Richardson was on the bench available to run and Nestor Rojas could have caught, as Witter is a defensive liability and it's the late innings. With Wald at bat, he has Brad Boyer (he's back) swinging a bat in the on deck circle to pinch hit in the pitcher's spot. Wald singles, Witter goes station to station. Does Richardson go in to run now? Nope. Boyer sits and Richardson hits instead. Antoan lines one into left center, caught by the center fielder who easily doubles off Witter at second. And we head into extra innings.
I get to to leave, and run into someone up on the first base concourse where I usually exit from. I start watching from that side. Romo comes in and the first batter he faces singles into center. Next batter trying to sac bunt, messes up Witter for a passed ball ( #8 on the season) and the runner moves up to second, no outs. Romo strikes out that batter and then issues an IBB to put runners on first and second. Then he walks the next guy to load the bases. Next batter hits a fly to Carlos Sosa whose throw is a little bit up the first base side and Witter just can't get the sweep tag down in time for a 3-2 Senators' lead. Both runners tag and move up. Next batter singles a little flare over Olmo Rosairo that he should have backed up a little on and caught but instead now it's 5-2 and I'm in the car listening to the bottom of the 10th in the car.

Misc fan notes: Some of the staff were wearing the jerseys that the team will wear on Memorial Day and an Armed Forces salute day in June. Camouflage style; these will not be auctioned. Will be taking plenty of pics on Monday! Also free admission to active and retired military with ID on Monday, very nice.
Lots of people in the house due to some fund raising--good to see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

witter is gonna need to spend this offseason working on the, this is such an inconsistent day the bats are live, next day, totally dead

5:48 AM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

McNiven ineffective again last night only managing 1/3 inning in relief. Have to expect him to be back here, so who goes to AAA? Also, Hennessey should be back with the Giants soon, so that would leave two openings in AAA. Presumably one comes from SF and one from here. The guys who deserve it are Cowart or Martinez, but do you risk elevating them to AAA prematurely?

On the Defs last night, any time they had a chance to screw up, they did. This team needs a couple of leaders, vocally and performance wise. The guys who should be the leaders, simply aren't showing up.

9:03 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Brooks just totally ineffective and Matt Palmer also getting slapped ariund. On the other hand, Geno Espineli rolls on in Fresno with a 0.93 ERA in 29 IP allowing only three walks and giving up just one earned run in his last 10 outings.
Wonder how Chris Begg is doing these days?

10:47 AM


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