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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Defs 5 Curve 3 as Connecticut stops 3 game slide..

tonight in Altoona. Adam Cowart improves to 5-3 (3.41 ERA) going 6 IP allowing one run on 6 hits and fanning 5. Carlos Sosa breaks out of his slump going 3 for 5 with a double and a pair of RBIs. TI stays hot hitting 2 doubles in three trips. Adam Wittter knocks in a run going 2 for 4. Bien has Jake in the leadoff spot tonight and he gets knocks in an insurance run in the eight. Kyle Haines gets the other RBI with a run scoring tripe. Connecticut steals five bases in the game; two each for AR and TI and one for Jake.

Misc fan notes: Continue to vote for Joey Martinez!


Blogger allfrank said...

Being here on the left coast, I don't get to see Connecticut games. So, what the hell happened to TI? He was just about given up for dead and now he's hitting? What happened?

2:21 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Not to take anything away from his results this season to date but the fact that it's the third time around in Double A can't be overlooked. I went back to look at the pictures I've taken of him over the last three seasons and the stance is the same.
Off the field perhaps the realization that time is moving along has motivated him some. He's very much into his faith as well.
Back on the field his glove has always been top notch despite whatever his going on at the plate.
How "space" is made at Fresno remains to be seen if everyone at all levels remain injury free.

12:02 PM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

TI has explained his turnaround by just relaxing and not worrying about stuff he can't control. This change in attitude is much the same as Nate when he went on his tear a couple of years ago. The big question with TI is can he maintain a decent performance from here on out.

2:41 PM

Blogger LC said...

If TI was a 20th round pick everyone would love him. He is coming around, and as was stated earlier he is petty good with the leather.

I did vote fo Carp though, he's batting .350 and had a gand slam today, game is in a delay and not official.

Cowart picked off my buddy Ant Webster, I forgot to warn him about that. Cowart must be among the league leaders in that department. Webster was a texas league all star last year- he's having a little bit of an off year this year.

4:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

travis is not being blocked from moving up to aaa...the first baseman there is 35, and he aint blocking anyone...whether ti makes it to the bigs this late in the game is anyone's guess...

11:25 PM


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