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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

3 ejections, 1 run, Defs win...

tonight at Dodd beating the FisherCats 1-0 to even up the three game series at one game each. CT got the one run of the game in the fourth as Brandon Crawford singled, went to second on a Ramon Castro sac bunt and came in on a Jackson Williams double. Next batter Mike McBryde grounded to short and was called out sliding in first base on a close play. McBryde argued the call and was tossed. More on that later.
Garrett Broshuis (5-4 4.09) went 6 innings giving up 6 hits a walk and striking out 5 batters. He got off to a rocky start in the first couple of innings but settled down the rest of the way. The Hondo Hurricane's pitch for GB was 98 pitches in all with 25 pitches thrown in the first inning. It's GB second strong outing as he's given up just one run in 12.2 innings over his last two starts.
Shane Kuaman came on in relief of GB and threw 2.2 innings striking out 3. Matt Yourkin got the final two outs for his 8th save as the three CT pitchers combine for a 9 hit shutout.

Misc fan notes: In the top of the 8th FisherCat first baseman stuck out and argued the call getting himself tossed by the home plate umpire. The NH came down from the third base coaching box the question the ejection. The next batter came up the the plate, stepped out the box for a practice swing or two and took his time getting into the box mainly so the home umpire could get an earful from the NH bench about the ejection. The ump finally ejected one of the coaches causing that guy to run onto the field to give the ump an earful up close and personal The FisherCat manager had to insert himself between his ejected coach and the home plate umpire. Of course then the NH manager had more words for the ump after his coach had removed himself from the field.
Contrast that with McBryde's ejection at first. Gary Ingram, the first base coach really didn't put up much of a beef and Decker didn't even bother going over to talk about the deal. It seemed Decker was more upset with McBryde in the dugout than anything else.
Maybe it's the Giants way not to argue, maybe it's not an apples to apples comparison, maybe Decker is taking a "professional" approach but I haven't seen Decker argue or get tossed all season. But hey, he's in first place and I'm in section 11.
The other deal here is for the second straight night only two umps were on hand and it's noticeable on close plays at first. Where's the third ump?

Pic: The bullpen guys are all growing moustaches in honor of the postseason. I hear some guys have them drawn in. To a man, it suits none of them but I appreciate the solidarity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure the stache thing is in honor of making the post and not for the new mayor, gb...who seems to be the team's new good luck charm?

11:59 AM

Blogger Joe said...

Another snub today...check out the breakdown on my blog.

3:55 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Just did. So it's pretty obvious that the MVP will be Santana. As I said on your blog, Joe - Total BULLSHIT!!! (Sorry, Greg)

4:14 PM


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