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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Garrett Broshuis went 6-4 in 12 starts after arriving midway in the season. He threw to a 3.84 ERA allowing 80 hits and getting 34 Ks in 61 IP.
He made Joe Perez's all-time franchise list and has picked up a lot of positive press for his writing in Baseball America and several other publications.


Blogger Tom said...

If you haven't seen it, here is a link to his latest BA post:

11:41 AM

Blogger aj said...

I love GB's writing, from Facebook to his own blog to anywhere they are posted. There's always intelligent, heartfelt and humorous insight into the minor league life.

And this might be OT, but the new team name was just announced...
Let's go nuts for the Flying Squirrels!
I tell ya, Defenders never sounded so good. :)

3:11 PM

Blogger Batboymeister said...

I hate that name!!! I’ll be rooting for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats to “EAT” them (ironically they fishers eat the flying squirrels as their prey)! They are now my team to be with!


3:18 PM

Blogger aj said...

The name is pretty bad, but there wasn't really a good choice in the bunch. They didn't want a normal name, so they got what they wanted, that's for sure.
I will still be a fan of some of the players who are likely to be stuck wearing this for a while, but I think I'll show support wearing the CD gear. Somehow I can't see myself with a furry tailed hat or any other squirrel related swag they'll be selling. :)

4:40 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Love reading GB's articles - very intelligent guy. Flying Squirrels is ridiculous, but I agree with aj - they were all pretty bad. I'm sure fans will come up with all sorts of crazy things for the Flying Squirrels!

3:22 PM


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