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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nick Pereira....

A starter for the Defs in 2007, Nick had a brief return early in the 2009 season starting three games and posting a 0-1 over 11 IP before disappearing into extended spring training in AZ for the rest of the year.

In other news the Defenders website has vanished along with any 2009 team info on the site.


Blogger Geno Espineli Fan said...

He looked like he had a good shot at making the bigs never understood what happened to him.

12:10 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Wow, they've already replaced the Defenders with the Flying Squirrels on the MiLB Site - how sad!

2:35 AM

Blogger Dfensfan said...

How about Rocky and Bullwinkle as the mascots??

3:25 PM

Blogger aj said...

I was sort of surprised to see the Defenders website gone in one swift motion like that. While there are no current Defenders, it's sad that all of it was just wiped away in an eyeblink.
I think it's been determined that Flying Squirrels is far too silly a nickname, but they're off and running with it, official website ( and both friend and fan profiles on Facebook. And they've already driven the "Let's go nuts" tagline into the ground. I think it will be completely stale by opening day. :)
I liked Garrett's thoughts on the possible tie-ins, like Squirrel on a Stick at the concession stand, and Bring Your Squirrel to the Ballpark Day. Classic stuff.

10:42 PM

Blogger Kimberly said...

He was much too good to return to CT! We are so happy to be away from the drama and finally living life. He is going to make a wonderful Dad and Police Officer!

7:01 PM


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