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Monday, December 14, 2009

Bobby Felmy.....

well the auction on the white home jerseys ended yesterday and I think only three were sold: MadBum, Alderson and Pill. It was pretty much the same with the road jerseys as well. Not a lot of buyers at $105 per pop ($85 opening bid plus $20 S&H).
Hopefully the site will put them up again at a more affordable opening bid and with a more resonable S&H charge. If not, they might be sold as total lot to a single buyer and then look for them to turn up on eBay.


Blogger aj said...

I saw that only a couple of them had bids, and I think the only one that really had interest was Madison's- sold for over $650, I believe.
I was disappointed in the high starting bids and the crazy S&H. That's why I couldn't even consider bidding on any of them. Here's hoping for a clearance sale, lol. :)

7:20 PM

Blogger dsistaro said...

Wow ! Did Madison's jersey go for that much? I got out at $175. Was happy to get Pill's jersey, it will be nice to have... Hope I fit in it!!!! LOL

10:21 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Who does the money from the sale of the jerseys go to? Just curious. Glad you got Brett's jersey. His dad wears a lot of his stuff too! LOL

2:59 AM

Blogger dsistaro said...

LOL If you twist my arm enough it could be a Christmas gift for his dad !!! LOL I think 2011 SF Giants season tixs for that #48 jersey is a fair trade !!!! LOL

9:44 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Such a funny guy! We will be crossing our fingers on that one. A little far away for you, isn't it? Or would you like a private jet also? LOL

1:51 PM

Blogger dsistaro said...

LOL I'm not greedy Kelly ! I may settle for a dinner with the Pill family when you guys come to watch your son play in New York !!!!!!

7:44 PM


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