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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tigers win 2010 Home Opener 7-1 tonight...

beating the Vermont Lake Monsters before 3120 fans. Tigers starter Josue Carreno (1-1) pitched 5 strong innings allowing 5 hits, 3 walks and getting 7 Ks. Carreno, working quickly, threw over 90 MPH according to the newly working speed gun display. The Tigers bullpen of Drew Gagnnier (2 IP, unearned run) and Keven Hess(2 IP, two hits) finished the game as CT pitching combined for 13Ks in the game. Hess has now appeared in 4 games throwing 5 innings and has a zero ERA.
The Tigers scored four runs in the third on two run RBI singles by James Robbins and Brett Andersen. The Tigers made it 6-0 with a pair of runs in the fourth via a Josh Ashenbrenner sac fly and a Julio Rodriguez double. Rodriquez, a catcher, looks like a player--he had a long Dodd out that would have probably been a homer in other parks. The Tigers added another run in the fifth with Jeff Rowland knocking in a run. The Tiger climb over the .500 mark and are now 5-4.

Misc fan notes: No problem getting into Dodd. Left early and zipped right into the parking lot. Watched a little later on when traffic was heavier and the staff had both entrances to the lot and cars were moving right along into the parking lot. Plenty of staff out there.

In the park the gift shop was doing a brisk business selling new caps and t-shirts. All food stands were opened except for the old Frisco Fry Shack now renamed. For those of you who drink a bunch more beer selection...brands I've never heard of but no Sam Adams??

Cutter and Tater made cameo appearances.

A nice touch sine it was the home opener...the Tiger managers, coaches and players all introduced themselves to the crowd via wireless microphone instead of the PA announcer doing it. I liked it..never saw that done before.

Another nod to Connecticut's sporting past...when the Tigers scored runs the Hartford Whalers "Brass Bonanza" tune played over the PA as when the Whalers would score a goal.

The bottom of the scoreboard is still not working but Budweiser is sponsoring the scoreboard and the side panel displays and top panel display are pretty sharp and greatly enhances the appearance of it.

Between inning stuff was the food race deal (hate it), mascot race around the bases, and pedal car race and t-shirt tosses. Thank you for no dizzy bat race and sumo wrestling (really just those things away).

Great being back at the park and seeing a lot of familar faces in the stands and among the staff (Tom, Bob, Andrew!).

A lot of folks with Navigators stuff on--caps. t-shirts, etc. That stuff just doesn't die. FYI: I worn a Navs hat tonight.

Pics top to bottom: manager Howard Bushong, GM Andrew Weber, NYPL President Ben Hays, Kevan Hess gets the final out, Alexander Nunez, Julio Rodriquez, starter Josue Carreno, (his 19th birthday today) and Jeff Rowland.


Blogger Dfensfan said...

Rodriguez had some really well hit balls.
Regarding Robbins, I'm just waiting for him to smash one into the trees. That man has unbelievable power compared to everyone else from what I noticed in BP, including 3 straight HRs.

11:12 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

Good job, Tigers - nice pics Greg!

1:29 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

thanks Kelly!!

9:24 AM


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