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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hudson Valley 10 CT 2....

tonight in the first game of a three games series in NY. Rayni Guichardo (1-2) gives up 5 runs, 3 earned in just two innings of work. The Tigers committed four errors in the game to go along with two wild pitches and two balks as 5 of the Renegades runs were unearned.
Eric Roof (2 for 4) and Julio Rodriquez hit RBI doubles to account for the two Tigers runs.


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

I just watched the Mets beat the Giants 3 to 2 in ten innings, a game the Giants had clearly won in the ninth. A blown umpires call cost the Giants.

Umpiring stinks today and I'm not sure why. But I believe bad habits and bad umpiring start in the Minors and never gets corrected. I've seen some calls at New Britain this year that have made me wonder what the Ump was looking at. Obviously, MLB needs to address this issue............. soon.

I don't want this bitch to become a thesis so I'll close
reporting the offended Giant was TI. He was called out on a play at the plate, a play in which he was clearly safe AND the umpire was in perfect position to make the call.

There were a couple other calls that were mind boggling too. If anyone wants the detail, I'm sure the Mets or Giants web sites will fill you in. Many Ex Defs involved today. Pablo is huge. He must have Omar, the tentmaker, doing his needlework.

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