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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Summer book list.....

seems around the All-Star break every year I start searching around for a good book or two to read. This year is no different but the number of books read and on deck has been more than a couple. So far:

"Then Roy said to Mickey..." written by Roy White and Darrell Berger...very easy read. White was a long time Yankee during those dark years forever known as the Horace Clarke era. It was an era I suffered thru when White and Bobby Murcer were about it in terms of Yankees to root for. Blew thru this in a couple of days.

"The Long Season" written by Jim Brosnan. First published in 1960 basically the author's diary of the 1959 baseball season. Brosnan, a pitcher I barely remember, played for the Cubs, Cards, Reds and White Sox. I'm halfway done with this one.

On deck:

"The Game from where I stand" written by Doug Glanville. I heard Glanville on WFAN talking about the book about his playing days with the Phillies, Cubs and the Rangers and had to get it.

In the mail:

"The Last Best League" written by Jim Collins about the Cape Cod League.

Any suggestions??


"The Power Broker" written by Robert Cano about New York City planner Robert Moses that clocked in at around 1200 pages took me the better part of 5 winter and spring months to knock off. All encompassing, incredibility researched, tackle at your own risk.


Blogger Kelly said...

Since you asked.....We have more baseball books around here than you can imagine, from coaching, to the mental stuff - you name it. The Last Best League is awesome, by the way. Some of Mike's faves are written by Ted Williams - My Turn at Bat, The Hit List. Here is a list of some I'm seeing around here that were given or recommended to Mike ~~

-The Teammates by David Halberstam
-3 Nights In August by Buzz Bissinger (both of those were on the NY Times best-seller list)
-Is This a Great Game or What by Tim Kurkjian
-Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx (winner of the Pulitzer Prize)
-Walk-On - Life From the End of the Bench by Alan Williams
-Safe at Home by Bob Muzikowski

Those should keep you busy for awhile! Take care, Greg.

3:15 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Hi Kelly,

The Halberstam book (love him) and 3 nights in August I've read and are both very good.
Thanks for the tips on the others!

4:50 PM

Blogger Kelly said...

O.K., I'll have Mike put those two at the top of his list to read - thanks!

5:50 PM


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