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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tigers nipped by the ValleyCats 4-2 tonight...

in Troy, NY and have their three game winning streak snapped. The Tigers scored both of their runs in the top of the 7th on a RBI ground out by Alexander Nunez and a RBI single by Josh Ashenbrenner (BA .326). The Tiger offense could muster just five hits, two by catcher Julio Rodriquez. Connecticut batters stuck out a total of 13 times.
Connecticut starter Josue Carreno (1-2) takes the loss going 5 IP, allowing 6 hits and three Tri-City runs.

Misc fan notes: The Hartford Courant newspaper ran a piece today, (on-line at least, I'm not sure about print) extolling the virtues of summertime fun at Connecticut's TWO minor league parks. Of course they wrote about the RockCats and BlueFish only. The Tigers apparently to the Courant don't even exist. The Courant always covers the RockCats in some way shape or form. It's understandable given the proximity to Hartford. But what's amazing is that they hardly ever acknowledge the existence of the indy BlueFish in Bridgeport (no boxscores, game recaps, league standings, nada--which is the same treatment the Tigers get also) and somehow included them in this article. What exactly does the Courant have against the baseball team playing affiliated baseball in Norwich? Why wasn't the new New York-Penn League team in Norwich, the first time this league has placed a franchise in the state ignored in that piece?

Also the Vermont Lake Monsters won again tonight; thats 5 in a row for them. Their record stands at 11-3 and is the best in the league. Annonying because they are in the same divison as the Tigers


Blogger thehondohurricane said...

It's all about territory and readership. Why should the Courant report on teams two or more counties in the distance when local readership doesn't give a hoot. To the best of my knowledge, the New Haven Register, NL Times, and Bulletin do not carry Rock Cat results. Why should they waste space on out of territory minor league teams? Newspapers are economizing "big time" today while trying to stay afloat.

From my personal perspective, I'm not about to drive to Bridgeport to see a Bluefish game and have to fight I 95 traffic and construction woes to get home. I don't care how many Ex Defenders are there.

If you are suggesting these teams are ignored in Hartford County, you're right. A lot of people don't even know they exist and that's not the Courant's fault, it's the teams. I haven't seen or heard one ad for either team in the Courant or local radio/TV. The Rock Cats advertise excessively and it pays off for them. If Weber wants fans to know he's in town, he should spend some advertising $. The local media isn't responsible to give out free promotion.

As far as not mentioning the Tigers in this article, I'd guess the writer may not even know there is a team in the state who started it's season recently or the NYPL league had not even begun when the article was actually written.

2:08 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

You're right, the writer might not even know about the team, but given the Courant's historical positioning as the newspaper of record for the state the ommission stuck me as interesting.
However as you also point out times certainly have changed in the newspaper business for a host of reasons...wonder what it'll look like 10 or 25 years from now.
There is however a brief mention of the team on the Courant's on line site today.
Re: Tigers advertising, the team is placing much bigger blocks in the New London Day than the Defenders ever did. Also Joe P. reported that the team is running TV spots on Comcast. Defs never did TV spots. As a Metrocast customer however I've yet to see any. Don't know for a fact if they are or aren't running spots on Metrocast.
Attendance at Dodd however has not been great so far. Their goal was 100,000 for this season and they are behind that as we speak.
Team is continuing to insert itself as a good new neighbor and is hosting the towns 4th of July fireworks show at Dodd Saturday. They also hosted a Little League deal earlier this year. Hopefully some of that goodwill translates into fannies in the seats down the road.

10:56 AM


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