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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The name game....

Connecticut Tigers or Norwich Tigers or the Norwich fill in the blanks? The "name the team contest" never happened this season and likely for good reason; too many name changes in a short period of time. In 2005 it was the Norwich Navigators, in '06 the Connecticut Defenders, in 2010 the Connecticut Tigers and in 2011 the Norwich whatevers...just to many--stick with the Connecticut Tigers..
You can point out that it is the "Connecticut" Sun after all in the WNBA but the fact they play at a casino factors into the name there. Also you can point out that the Tigers are the only Connecticut team in the New York Penn league so why not the Connecticut Tigers?
My opinion is that it should have been the Norwich Tigers. The host city should see it's name it the league standings every day of the season and derive whatever good will and recognition that comes from that. But like I said too many name changes especially when the front office is trying to build a following in the off season and already has one season under their belts as the Connecticut Tigers.


Blogger Joe said...

To support your thoughts, Greg:

10:58 AM

Blogger greg8370 said...

Yes, I agree the "Connecticut" label is here to stay. I still wish a little more thought had been given to "Norwich" instead.
The rose patch should stay on the uniforms and maybe next season a Sunday alternate vest style uni with the Old English "N" on the front could be added.

11:57 AM


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