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Monday, September 06, 2010

Some thoughts...

Got to admit it just felt different this season up at Dodd. Nothing bad mind you, just different. Maybe it was when the season started: in mid June it felt like I was late to the party or something. Maybe it was the quirks of the New York Penn League schedule: series that end on a Friday and two game series? Maybe it was a new MLBB affiliation: I don't have a "history" with the Tigers. Maybe it was a new league: Tri-City who, what? Hopefully I'll be able to look back on this paragraph one day and laugh.
The new front office started behind the 8 ball thanks to the politics of MLBB and minor league ball. They now have a full off season to work in getting more people up to Dodd and that is the task pure and simple.
Andrew, C.J., Eric, Jon and company are all very friendly people who made time for me and I wish them luck. They did stuff past front offices had not done before: billboards, town hall meetings, TV spots, advertising in the Courant, putting together a trip to Cooperstown, the Whaler tribute (and Brass Bonanza treatment) and a bunch of things I know I'm forgetting.
A big tip of the hat to the game day staff, Bob, Tom, Kim and everyone else who always are always smiling and are pleasure to know.
They did all that stuff and attendance this season can only be described as disappointing. I'm certain that the work on the 2011 season has already begun at 14 Stott Avenue and that 2010 serves as a stepping stone to a great and well attended 2011 season at Dodd and the hosting of the 2012 NYPL All-Star Game (my wish; nothing official). Hey, Connecticut Tigers six ticket and ten ticket voucher packs make great holiday stocking stuffers right?
More tomorrrow...


Blogger Batboymeister said...

Hey Greg, check out all of my pictures I created to suggest on what 2011 should look like around Dodd Stadium as they do some renovation to make the ball park look better this off season.

1:17 PM

Blogger Geno Espineli Fan said...

I know you guys always blame the Defenders terrible attendance on ownership but the Squirrels finished 1st in average attendance and total attendance

6:08 PM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

GE Fan.
Do a little research.... Richmond population 1,2 million; Norwich 36 thou. Maybe 80 to 100 K for all SE Ct.

And the move was orchestrated by the Eastern League who put the front office management in place,,,,, experienced minor league administrators with a history of success. The last I knew, DiBella's name wasn't mentioned anywhere on the team website.

The EL wanted to buy out DiBella, but couldn't come up with a buyer so he was told to "count his money" and the front office would run the operation. He's had no material input into the operations.

The difference in population and experienced baseball people running the show made the franchise successful.

You can verify the population stats on Google and the rest of my comments were documented over a year ago by Joe Perez in Bulletin articles.

7:58 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Hondo's right...

12:12 AM

Blogger Geno Espineli Fan said...

Hondo- You are contradicting yourself. If Norwich gas such a small population, how can you expect a team to draw a crowd? DiBella is mentioned in many of the websites articles.

6:33 PM


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