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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dan the man in the Giants closer mix??


Blogger Dfensfan said...

Flash still seeing time with Atlanta as a backup as of yesterday. Here's to hoping he gets a call this year!

10:39 AM

Blogger lance aka lc said...

thats awesome dfan ! i had the pleasure of watching AR in hawaii.

How about B. Belt! Is it to early for the belt hall of fame watch? I'm predicting the all star game and rookie of the year contention this year. The kid is going to be GREAT. I can't believe how much poise he has out there at this early stage.

1:42 AM

Blogger Dfensfan said...

Met up with Flash yesterday. He's doing real well. Last day of training is Sunday and he's not sure which level he'll be going to yet.

12:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

runzler looked great tonite

he is a great middle of the pen guy and can easily go 2-3 innings and shut the opposing team down

4:12 AM


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