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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Power is back on! I lost power from...

7:30 Sunday morning to 8:00 PM Tuesday night. Thanks to bacci for the news re: Brett Pill being called up to the show!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, i didnt even think...sorry for not seeming concerned about you guys

hope everything is ok

so happy for brett and his family

his mom always had great input on this blog

really hope all you guys stay safe, and enjoy the final week of the season

just to report on pills call up

he didnt play, but he got his first major league post game interview!/search/%22Brett%20Pill%22/slideshow/photos?

much leaner pill then last season...maybe even a bit more than his time in ct

kid has worked his ass off to get to the show

8:31 PM

Blogger thehondohurricane said...

Hell, you got off easy. We were out from 6:30 AM, Sunday, till 1:30 PM Friday. Rented a motel room in a nearby time for showering, etc. The etc wasn't so hot!

East Hampton was 100% dark for at least three days. This was a bad storm as it related to power outages, still IMO, not a shining moment for CL &P in restoration.

Bacci, is Pill actually part of the 25 man or is he part of the Sept call-ups?

12:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

really feel for you guys

i remember what is was like losing power and gas for 2 days after the northridge quake....i was miserable

pill is on the 25 man, as he was called up before sept 1, when the giants dfa'd rowand and miggs

he will be eligible for post season play...if there is a post season

still hasnt taken the field or ph, but i think his time is coming, as huff continues to struggle

i just think he is stoked that his hard work payed off, and he is back on the 40

not sure if his folks were at the park tonite, but im thinking they were, as its only a 7 hour drive from so cal (unless they flew, then its an hour)

here is his first ever big league interview (vid this time)

1:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, has fema showed up yet?

cuz you all should be eligible for monies for the cost of hotel and loss of food stuffs...etc

find the rep and fill out the forms

1:47 AM


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