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Monday, September 05, 2011

AR is a perfect 1 for 1!!!

that's Antoan Richardson aka Flash who played for the Defenders and made his MLBB debut yesterday with the Braves. AR singled in his first at bat off a "brand name" pitcher, Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers.
Flash was a big fan fav at Dodd and had a devoted following here on the blog; especially AR fan who shared many pics of him with me including the above screen shot. You guys must have been pumped for hours after!!!
Many thanks to AR fan for giving me the heads up on Flash's hit earlier today as I totally lost track of his callup in all the post storm Irene fun around here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

so happy for flash

6:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pill to start tomorrow as despite today's win, giants waving white flag

7:23 PM

Blogger tbones613 said...

Thanks, Greg! Great day for Antoan!

5:57 PM

Blogger tbones613 said...

Formerly AR fan.

5:57 PM

Blogger lance aka lc said...

sweet ! I first met AR in Hawaii in 2007, a nice kid !

2:43 PM


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