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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Early stirrings on 2007 promo plans as reported

in the New London Day today. Basically more fireworks, maybe lower food prices, and fewer but better promos that will include the bobbleheads that kicked off in a big way in the 2006 season. That's all good from where I sit; lower ticket prices would be nice too. The price of my favorite ticket plan, 6 vouchers for $36 went up in price thanks to the All-Star game in 2007 to become an eight pack of tickets for $50 that includes Opening Day, a seat to the All-Star game and six vouchers. That's OK taken by itself (I think the All-Star tiks are overpriced anyway) but if you're looking to buy multi-paks for just yourself or maybe another person it gets a bit pricey. By comparsion the team that dares not speak or print the "Connecticut Defenders" but totally outdraws us, the New Britain RockCats, offers a coupon book of 12 tickets for just $50! With all the empty seats at Dodd maybe something like that is worth a try.

Back to the bobbleheads, I wonder what players will be featured in 2007? The mascot bobble will return I'm sure, but perhaps in a different pose or with the EL All-Star logo on there somewhere. The 2006 rehab Yankees/Navigators bobbles were popular although I wished the team had given out more than 1000 because that's the number of the fans they basically drove in.

Also the Day had new GM Charlie Dowd reporting 2006 attendance as 168,165 (the Eastern League website has the team down for 170,807 in 2006) and that his initial goal is a 10% increase in attendance. That would mean 184,981 in 2007. The Norwich Bulletin had him saying his acceptable benchmark would be 200,000 when he came on board three weeks ago. Perhaps the lower 185K is his min goal and the 200K is his max goal?

Re: the team webpage--it's time to get that last box score off, get rid the airbrushed 2005 Navigator player pics on the masthead and get the countdown clock going to 2007! Today was warm enough for a game!