Thoughts and pictures of my local minor league baseball team the New York Penn League Connecticut Tigers; a Detriot farm team. We'll still be looking at former Navigators/Defenders players along the way....

Monday, July 31, 2006

MLBB tradeline over...

Giants pick up Mike Stanton which caused a ripple effect. Former Defender Jonathan Sanchez, who was the first Defender ever to make it to the bigs was sent back down to Triple A, to make room in the Giants bullpen. Sanchez who started the season as a started was converted to a reliver and had been pitching very out of the Giants' pen. To make room for Sanchez in Triple A Fresno former Navigator(2005) Alfedo Simon was DFA'ed. Simon started out as a Navigator starter and was then was moved to the pen,
Misc Fan note: After 4 months my "record" stands at 24-16.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Rain out post.......

quick moving thunderstorms knocked out power and gave the area a good soaking causing tonight's game to be washed out. Too bad, as it would have been a big gate with Friday fireworks on tap. They will make up the game as part of a doubleheader in August when the Curve comes back in.
The Defenders managed to intrude into my daily life a couple of times this past week. First time I was picking up grinders at Friendly Pizza and spotted a pocket schedule display on the counter that had never been there before. And as a former skedder (pocket schedule collector) I saw the front panel was different from the current version as well as the back panel when I picked it up. This pocket sked's front panel is the same as the yearbook cover and the sponsor on the back panel is Foxwoods. Then when I was paying I saw there was a big stack of ticket vouchers by the register. I asked about it and recieved two vouchers for Sunday's game which is Montville Day at Dodd. I'm working of course but passed them on to a friend.
Second time was today as I was paying taxes at Town Hall and the place was filled with posters about Montville Day at Dodd and directing people downstairs to the Park & Rec Dept. Hopefully some hard working taxpayers (there were plenty of folks in line) have picked up some vouchers.
Silly season in MLBB as the trade deadline approaches. Travis Ishikawa's name is being tossed around in cyberspace so we'll see what happens with the Giants over the next few days.
I'm done with home games until August 11 when Erie comes into town for their only visit of the season; got to work Sat. and Sunday and the team goes on another long road trip. I'll should have a new twist to the blog when I post the August 11 game.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Defenders snap the losing streak with a 2-1 win over

the Altoona Curve (Pirates) tonight at Dodd. Pitching and defense carried the day as a trio of Connecticut pitchers combined to hold the Curve to just one run. Jesse Floyd started and pitched well before getting into trouble in the top of the sixth. Floyd gave up a run and turned to ball over to Oscar Montero with one out and the bases loaded. Montero stuck out the next two batters to keep the gamed tied and K'ed four batters in all in 1.2 innings of work. Billy Sadler relieved Montero and wiggled out of a jam in the 8th before pitching a 1-2-3 ninth for his fourth victory of the season and breaking the team's 11 game losing streak.
Floyd and Sadler both helped themselves with their gloves as both pitchers started double plays to get out of jams. On both DP's the out at first were very close and cost the Curve runs drawing two arguments from the Curve skipper. Floyd also helped himself with the bat, getting a RBI groudout with the bases loaded as he hustled down the line to avoid the DP.
The Defenders scored the winner in the bottom of the eight. Nate Schierholtz got on base on an error on a routine grouner to the first baseman. He moved to second on a ground out by PH Brian Buscher and came around on a single by catcher Todd Jennings.
Misc fan notes: Nate was on board all four times he was up; two errors, a walk and a double and he had two stolen bases.
Buscher, Travis I. and Quincy Foster all started the night off on the bench with a lefty on the hill for Altoona. Aaron Sisk played third for Buscher. Nate was the only lefty bat in the lineup.
Tyler Von Schell who rarely plays first anymore had two great plays on those DPs--the first was on a long stretch and the second was a tag. He also made a nice picup of a smash down the line.
Owner Lou D. was in the house for the game. Maybe he was the streak buster. Or maybe it was because I was wearing that Defender promo cap for the first time. I also caught my first Land Rover/Defenders t-shirt tonight. Had it all the way up on the concourse; the guys had some air under it.
Old Navigator friend catcher David Parrish is with the Curve. His father is former AL All-Star Detriot Tiger catcher Lance Parrish. Dave was up briefly with the Yankees. Dave caught Roger Clemens when the Rocket rehabbed with the Navigators.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What can you say....Defenders lose franchise

record 10th game in a row. Garrett Broshuis gave up three runs in the first two innings but the fellow blogger settled down nicely after that pitching five shutout innings after that. He finshed with five ks and had two pick offs. Scott Munter gave up three runs, two earned in a inning of work and Billy Sadler closed out with a 1-2-3 ninth.
The Defs punched out 11 hits but could manage only a bases loaded walk to Brain Buscher for their only scoring. Brian Horwitz had three hits and Jake Wald and Dan Ortmeirer had two hits each.
Misc fan notes. Worn my Defenders t-shirt ( something noted quickly by Defs GM Jim B. as I was leaving) up there tonite but it wasn't the streak breaker I had hoped. I'll be wearing my Defs cap Thursday for the first time.
Took a bunch of pics as well tonight with Orty being back, newcomer Todd Jennings and I was looking for a better shot of Quincy Foster.
About 1500 or so tonight, should be rocking tommorow mornig with about 4500 kids and Sub base students on hand.
Jon Artimage was sent to San Jose. Good Luck Jon!
Dan Ortmeier had the dirtest cap ever in Navigator history between the sweat, stick 'em and batting tar that found it's way onto the cap (I'm looking for a pic when I get a chance) and already seems to be on his way with his Defenders cap.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Reader's note................

My work schedule, really for the first time this season, will cut into this week's homestand. I should be at Dodd Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only this week. Got pictures to take as well...Dan, Todd and a better pic of Quincy.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Giants trade Jeremy Accardo for Blue Jay

Shea Hillenbrand. Jeremy first gave up to the Navigators in late 2004 and started 2005 here before moving quickly up the ladder last season and making his MLBB debut last season. Considered by some to be the Giant's closer of the future, we wish Jermey good luck.

Friday, July 21, 2006

2006 Defender All-Star Billy Sadler

back in 2005 action as a Navigator.

Two more years......

as the San Francisco Giants and the Connecticut Defenders extended their PDC thru 2008. The Hartford Courant noted that 19 Navigators/Defenders had reached the bigs with the Giants. Maybe time to dust off the old "See the stars of tomorrow today" bit for 2007.
Also an update piece in the Norwich Bulletin today on attendance, promos to date, etc. The reporter tried to get a hold of me for the article but we didn't connect in time. The team was last at the gate in the Eastern League last season and is in the same position this year however bringing in more fans per gate so far over LY. They're trying and it's a process. I still feel good about them staying past 2009 today.

Monday, July 17, 2006

WANTED: RUNS for this pitcher

Jesse Floyd lost tonight on the road to Harrisburg 2-1. He throws a three hitter; of course two hits are solo HRs, 8Ks, in eight innings of work and his record falls to 2-10. This guy now has an ERA of 3.5 and his run support has been nowhere all year. That 2-10 could be 9-3, 8-4 real easy.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Odds and ends...............and

some scattered thoughts:
1.) Defenders VP Keith Hallal resigned to take a post at the Mystic Fishtank... he'd been an asst. GM, GM and then a VP with the team over his six years. Good Luck Keith
2.) The RockCats had a separate admission day/night doubleheader Saturday and drew almost 11,000 on the day. Pretty good would be an understatement.
3.) Welcome back OF Dan Ortmeier from Triple A Fresno (see pics, that play at home earned him a trip on the DL). Dan played last for Norwich in the 2005 season. He was one of the more popular and productive Navigators in recent seasons.
4.) Last Sunday was a Foxwoods/Defenders cap giveaway. A thousand were given away. Next day, Monday--a bobblehead giveaway night, I only saw three folks wearing those caps at the game. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Guess you can argue it either way.
5.) Defenders take 3 of 5 against Portland to start their longest road trip of the season. The team is in fourth place and can still make the playoffs but will need help. Of the 14 series left to play the rest of the way only 4 are against divisonal rivals; the Mets twice, FisherCats and RockCats. Strange schedule making will lead to a lot of scoreboard watching as things wind down.
6.) Nate hurt his wrist on a play in the outfield Thursday and should be back soon according to the radio today.
7.) The Thursday edition of this week's Hartford Courant will include some words about this humble blog.
8.) Check out Garrett's latest blog entry via the link on the right; it's a good one. D-Mac's latest in the New London Day is also very good.
9.) Going to miss Will Herandez of the Bulletin and looking forward to Joe's efforts.
10.) Thanks to those who have reached out to me for info, pics etc. It's my pleasure.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Luck Will....

as an email from the Bulletin has confirmed that Will has left the paper. Joe Perez will become the new beat reporter and putting out his blog on the Defenders next week.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Where's Will????????????

The Norwich Bulletin's beat reporter's blog about the Defenders has vanished from cyberspace. Will are you out there?

Pat Misch to Triple A...

Catcher Todd Jennings on board from San Jose w/Munhall out and pitcher Jeff Petersen back from Triple A.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Defs win 5-3 and head into the All-Star break winning

11 of the last 16 games and 8 of the last 10. They are only 4 games under .500 and hey, anything is possible now with the other teams ahead of them perhaps shuffling their rosters and the MLBB trading deadline coming into play.
Randy Walter had two RBIs on a groun out and sac fly. Newcomer Quincy Foster (see pic) had the go ahead RBI double and Brian Buscher had the other RBI. Travis Ishikawa went 3 for 4 with an opposite field double and hopefully he can get it going.
Star of the game was Scott Munter who came into the seventh inning with no out after Garrett Broshuis (4-7) had given up four straight hits for two runs to make it a one run game at the time. Munter got three ground ball outs to end the inning. Geno gave in to get a two inning save and the team finishes the homestand 7 and 2.
Misc fan notes: Foster was signed from the indy Atlantic League and played in 2003 with the Harrisburg Senators under Mac. He wears #5 Clay Timpner's old number (now in Triple A Fresno) so it might be so long for Timp the rest of the season. No news on a replacement catcher for Munhall.
Bobblehead #3 tonight got in additional 1000 or so into the seats. Was visiting with friends from the USS Augusta for most of the game who had the typical reaction most folks have when they're there for the first or second time: the place is great why aren't more people here.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Defenders double up RockCats 6-3 today.

Chris Begg improves to 7 and 9 with 7 solid innings. Randy Walter get three hits and scores three runs and Nate Schierholtz knocks in three with a pair of singles. Brian Horwitz knocks in another run and Brian Buscher has a sac fly. Pat Misch worked a scoreless 8th inning getting in some work with the All-Star Game break this week and Joe Bateman notches his eighth save with a 1-2-3 ninth.
Defs ran wild on the base paths as the RockCats had to use their emergency catcher who usually plays as an infielder. Nate had a couple of swipes, one on the backend of a double steal of third with D-Mac. Defs have now won 10 of 15 with one game left before the All-Star break.
Misc Fan notes: Cap day from the good folks from Foxwoods. First Defenders cap for me--nice one. Smallish and quiet crowd for a Sunday. Dunk tank going on with the front office folks taking turns. Bobblehead promo #4 Monday night! Busy day for me. Friend at the park and other stuff going on after the game so I didn't take the usual numbers of pics but did catch Jake throwing over to first--see pic.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Defenders, RockCart split. Defenders behind the

pitching of James Garcia (see pic) take the opener 1-0. Billy Sadler gets the final two outs for his second save in as many days and 12th on the season. In the nightcap the RockCats scratched a run in the top of the 7th for a 2-1 victory. R.D. Spiehs took the loss.
The trio of McMains, Buscher and Horwitz accounted for both the Defenders runs in almost identical fashion. In the first game D-Mac was HBP, moved to third on a single by Buscher and came home on a single by Horwitz (see pic) for the only run of the game for both teams. Those were two of only three Defenders hits in Game one; the other an opposite field double by Nate Schierholtz.
Travis Ishikawa continues to show a nice fielding touch while his struggles at the plate continue. He started a nifty 3 to 2 DP in the top of the first to keep the RockCats off the board. The RockCat runner tried to dance around catcher Andy Busch at the plate to avoid the tag which looked pretty funny and the play got some smiles after in the Defenders dugout (see pic). The victory was the fourth in a row for the Defenders. Garcia pitched well again and goes to 2-1 with the Defenders.
In Game two Jason Waddell made the spot start giving up an unearned run in the top of the first in his three innings of work. Oscar Montero went two innings and escaped a bases loaded no outs jam in the fourth. Spiels record drops to 3-1.
The Defenders only run of this game basically came the same way with D-Mac walking instead of being HBP.
Misc fan notes; Andy Busch (2 for 30 this season) caught both games with Munhall out. Brian was up on the concourse with his foot in a protective cast between games. Hope the Defs get another catcher soon--return of the immortal one Steve Holm????
Small crowd for a Saturday with SailFest and fireworks in New London

Friday, July 07, 2006

Jesse Floyd pitches 7 strong innings and RBIs come

from a pair of unlikey sources tonight as the Defenders nip the RockCats 2-1. Back to back doubles by Jon Armitage and Andy Busch tied the game in the fifth for Connecticut. In the bottom of the seventh singles by Brian Horwitz and Nate Schierholtz put runners on first and third and Armitage got his first Defender RBI of the season on a sac fly for the game winner.
Scott Munter pitched 1.2 innings and Billy Sadler got the final out for his 11th save. Floyd improves to 2-9 and has pitched way better than that record shows.
Misc fan notes: A bunch tonight and let us start with a 3 for 4 for Horwitz. Hopefully the walk off HR last night as jumped started him. Schierholtz went 2 for 4 getting the key hit that put Horwitz on third to score of the Armitage SF and could have been 4 for 4 on the night as he grounded deep in the hole and was just nipped at first and in his last at bat missed a HR down the line by a few feet. Travis Ishikawa flashed some nice leather robbing a RockCat of a RBI double for an out, making a nifty tag on a pick off by Floyd (he has a real nice move for a RH pitcher and had a pretty big smile when he came off the field after the pick off), and made another put out in the top of the ninth with a pair of runners on of a foul ball with his back to the plate.
Andy Busch didn't start, Munhall was stepped on at a play at the plate and had to leave the game.
Both Munhall and Floyd watched the end of the game up on the concourse just outside the Defender locker room and Jeese was one happy guy when Billy got the final out.
4800 in the park tonight; great weather and fireworks. I usually don't stay around for the fireworks but they got them up and going right after the game. Nice display.
Jason Waddell gets a spot start in the DH Saturday.
Props to the guys who did the LandRover t-shirt toss tonight. More than the usual amount tossed and shot into the crowd and some good distance of some of them.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

D-Mac avoids the tag in action from last night.

I won't be at the game tonight.

Nice scoop by Will Hernandez of the Norwich Bulletin

in today's Bulletin that the Defenders/Giants are likely to renew their PDC for another two years after this season. For the full story use the the Bulletin link on the right.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Defs split but should have swept two over the SeaDogs

tonight. The Defs waste a great outing from Garrett Broshuis in the first game losing 2-1. Defs left an army of baserunners on, loading the bases three times but all they could mange was a Clay Timpner solo HR in the bottom of the seventh. Garrett scattered 7 hits going the distance. His record falls to 3-7.
Game 2 the hitting came around lead by two run RBI singles by Nate Schierholtz in the first and Brian Buscher in the second. Travis had a RBI groundout thanks to some nifty baserunning by Buscher avoiding a DP at second and Andy Busch got his first hit (at last! they even took the ball out of the game) a RBI double up the left center gap. Geno Espineli pitched well again in his third start out of the pen going 5.2 innings, 6 hits and one ER improving his record to 5-2. R.D. Spiehs picked up his first save of the season wrapping up the game.
Misc Fan notes: Hands down best all around player on the team this year has been Brian Buscher. Average is up to .270 and has shown a better glove than I remember him for last year; had a couple of nice picks again tonight.
Really light crowd for a doubleheader against the Red Sox farm team. Two games for the price of one and maybe a thousand are in the park at the start of game one? Shouldn't have to have bobbleheads and fireworks every night to draw a crowd.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh Canada! Chris Begg tosses 8 shotout innings and

and Defs win 3-1 over the first place SeaDogs. Begg gave up five hits and stuck out five to lift his record to 6-9. Joe Bateman got his seventh save after Billy Sadler started the ninth and gave up a run. Defs started it early with a leadoff first inning HR by Randy Walter followed a couple of outs later by a solo HR by Travis Ishikawa. The Defs would add another run on a walk to Jake Wald and a two out triple by Clay Timpner. The infield defense was tight with Begg a ground ball pitcher having his good stuff tonight. D-Mac made an especially nice play at second ranging far to his left on a grounder and getting the out.
Misc fan notes: It was suppose to be a doubleheader tonight but a rain delay of 95 minutes plus fireworks being scheduled turned it into a single 9 inning game with the DH now scheduled for tomorrow.
I walked into Dodd tonight and of course that's the exact moment it started to rain for the first time all day. Then I saw the tarp on the field and players hanging out on the concourse in t-shirts and shorts and I knew this was going to be a wait.
Biggest fan reaction of the night was when the Yankee defeat of 19-1 was announced.
I was looking around tonight and besides another fan wearing a Navigators red, white and blue jersey I couldn't see anyone else wearing Navigators gear out of 3500 folks besides me (hat, t-shirt and gym bag). Not quite sure what that means usually there are a few folks with Navigators caps on. A lot of fans wearing Red Sox gear with Portland in town however.